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  1. I have recorded 30+ tapes on a Sony TRV350 Camcorder. They are recorded in Digital8. I am going to transfer them to my computer via firmware (Sony Vaio). I know how to capture the video, but I don't know how to get the best quality version.

    I have already tried PMB (default software on Vaio). There were no capture options as far as I could tell, with the default settings resulting in an .AVI file with DVSD type 2 video.

    I then tried AVS Video Recorder. I selected the native format which resulted in a .DV file.

    I was going to try WINDV as a third option, but I have read mixed reviews about its functionality with Windows 7, 64bit.

    My OBJECTIVES are:
    A - archive these Home videos for posterity in the best quality
    B - store the videos on my computer for viewing with a server like PLEX.
    *PMB gave the option of separating the videos on each tape into different files. I would prefer this if it does not sacrifice quality.

    My questions are:
    1) what is the native format of Digital8? I have read mention of raw or uncompressed DV, but how can I tell if the video is raw or uncompressed?
    2) is either of the two options I already tried going to give me the quality I want? If so, which? If not, what should I use?
    3) will I need to convert the files to use with PLEX ?
    4) Knowing my objectives, what do you recommend to achieve them?

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    Capture via FireWire to your computer and it is simply a 1:1 copy of what is on the tape. There is no better quality than that. Digital8 is electronically identical to DV. Keep that as your archive. (Don't know what you need for PLEX)

  3. Thanks for your response.
    I realized this was in the wrong forum and reposted it.
    I don't know how to close this one. Can a moderator close it?

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