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    My Philips HDD 3455h was down and I checked to the technotians and hard drive is borekn. Need to be replaced. Just asking if I can replace my self. Thanks...
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    Did a simple web search on the make & model and this was the first item:

    Search engines are your friend, though I rarely use google anymore. That probably would have been on page 5 of a google search.
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    Those old IDE hard drives like your recorder uses are no bargain. If you are one of those "Must... only... buy... computer... equipment... in... store... in... my ... town" kind of people (we have a ton of members here who will NOT ever buy anything if they can't get it in a local store, which is why I mention this) then I wish you a lot of luck finding an IDE drive in a local store. still sells them. I'd buy from Newegg before I'd trust Ebay or Craigslist on this kind of thing.
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