I have searched the Internet and seen similar but not really identical problems being vented but without any conclusive solution being presented.

The problem for me is that when playing backed-up Blu-ray titles subtitles dissappear if the video stream is not 1080 in height, which often is the case when the aspect ratio is more than the 1.78:1 (16:9), e.g 2.35;1. When video is 1.78 (16:9) it all works fine.

Is there a simple solution to this problem or do I have to convert to SRT files, which I am doing for now?

I am using fully muxed MKVs with video, audio and one PGS subtitle. I am running Haali and DirektVobSub and playing back in VMC (or WMP, same result).

The PGS streams are always 1920x1080, it seems.

When the video is 1920x1080 everything works fine, as mentioned, but when the height becomes less than 1000 (or something) the subtitles don't show in WMC or WMP.

VLC still works fine for all resolution videos but VLC is not using DirectVobSub (VSFilter). Allegedly VSFilter does not support a mismatch in resolution between subtitles and video, but that's not entirely true since it seems to support "slight" mismatches. But not too large mismatches.

The only thing I have tried, that works, is to re-scale the subtitles with BDSup2Sub to a lower resolution, but since the choices for down-scaling in BDSup2Sub are limited to "standard" resolutions I end up with subtitles in the middle, slightly off-center, no matter what I do, since the BD videos in question are 1920x812 or other such odd resolutions.

One solution that I think could work would be add "black pixels" below and above the image to fill out the letterbox to become exactly 1080 in vertical resolution, and then change the container's aspect ratio flag to 1.78 (16:9) instead of 2.35, 2.40 or whatever it was before, but I haven't found a tool that can do that.

Has anybody else had the same problem? Any solutions?