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  1. Hello All I will begin with I am not even a novice so my question may be answered quickly plus I just converted from being a lifelong Windows user to Mac so I am still very much learning that operating system (Mavericks). My wife and I have a number of videos on our iPhones we took of our daughter that we would like to make into home movies. Since we both have iPhones the format of the videos is .mov and I have attempted to convert them to MPEG-2 NTSC (*.vob) with Movavi Video Converter for Mac, however, neither of the discs I have created will play on my standalone dvd players here at the house. The settings I have used were as follows: 1st DVD - MPEG-2 HD 1080p and the 2nd DVD - MPEG-2 NTSC. I guess my question is I have Movavi video conversion software does anyone know what format I need to convert those home videos to in order for them to play directly on a stand alone dvd player? My DVD players are both Sony but older (Blue Ray wasn't even around when they were purchased) is there more of a "universal" format that can be used that would play on them?
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    I'm moving you to our mac section.

    Does movavi video converter just creates .vob files? A dvd should contain a vob,ifo,bup files in a video_ts folder to be a dvd.

    I have no experience creating dvds in mac osx so I can't help.
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  3. In regards to the .vob files they are the only ones I see in the conversion drop down menu so I assume that is all that it converts. Are all those other formats like ufo and bup for menus and stuff like that?
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    Once you have vob files, you need to use something like Toast to actually make the required dvd structure.
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