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  1. How can I rip DVD title with ifo and bup files from the command line? If I use an app with a GUI like k9copy or dvd::rip to copy the title, I get all the .bup/.ifo/.vob files. I have tried dvdbackup, vobcopy, lxdvdrip...

    dvdbackup -i "dvd.img" -o "/home/user/tmp" -t3

    With this I get the .vob files, but not the .bup/.ifo files. I thought I could use dvdauthor for this and I did, with success, but the end result was that I got black subtitles for some reason.
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    Use the -M option ov dvdbackup to get the whole DVD.

    But for a single title that wiki suggests fix it with dvdauthor just like you tried:

    So maybe this did not help you at all...
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  3. I was able to do this using cpvts. It rips the whole titleset, but that's enough for me.

    cpvts -d [source] -t 1 [target]
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