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Thread: eac3to on mkv

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    I normally use MakeMKV to remux 3d Blu Ray to MVC MKV (which I can play on my Mede8er 3d), however it is not working on one file, so I would like to use eac3to instead.

    This is the output from eac3to with no parameters:

    E:\eac3to>eac3to.exe "\Beauty and the Beast (1991)\"
    1) 00001.mpls, 00272.m2ts, 1:24:55
    - Chapters, 21 chapters
    - h264/AVC (left eye), 1080p24 /1.001 (16:9)
    - h264/AVC (right eye), 1080p24 /1.001 (16:9)
    - DTS Master Audio, English, multi-channel, 48kHz
    - AC3, French, multi-channel, 48kHz
    - AC3, Spanish, multi-channel, 48kHz
    - AC3, Portuguese, multi-channel, 48kHz

    What is the correct syntax to remux to MVC MKV with DTS - Core audio?
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  2. I've not used eac3to from the command line much, but eac3to will extract the dts core only. The switch is -core. Whether it works when muxing I have no idea. I've never used eac3to for muxing myself. I'd have assumed you'd need to use -core when extracting. If that's correct, maybe you could mux with MKVMergeGUI then use eac3to to extract just the core from the MKV??

    This eac3to GUI makes the extracting process fairly easy. It has an option to extract just the dts core and makes choosing which streams to extract nice and easy.
    HD-DVD/Blu-Ray Stream Extractor
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    "Muxing "right eye" h264 video streams to MKV is currently not supported. <ERROR>"
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