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  1. SD Channel clip is HERE.
    HD Channel clip is HERE.

    The identical clips recorded a few days ago are from a race which was originally broadcast in Standard Definition from 2007. However I noticed that the Sky F1 HD channel repeats old races and upscales them. So I recorded the same race from the SD and HD channel to compare them.

    You can see that the picture quality is better in the HD sample because that channel uses a high bitrate. However you get horrible jaggy lines on the chalk lines that you don't get in the SD channel compressed sample.

    For the best picture quality via Avisynth, in future should I just record the SD or HD channel?

    If it's the HD channel then do you have any script suggestions that would fix the jaggies on the HD sample?

    Please keep in mind that for HD video sources (SD is fine), I can't run Avisynth MultiThreaded as the encodings crash.
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  2. I would anti-alias the HD source. They're both also field-blended but that doesn't matter much if you're going to be adding more blends with ConvertFPS anyway.

    I don't personally know about the best AA approaches.
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