I run a media server, XBMC, and I have Invader ZIM on DVD, and would like to rip to MP4's, around 175MB per file if possible.

What setting would be good to use?

For example... I noticed that the storage resolution is 720x480 and it's viewed at 640x480. Leave that as is? or just make the storage resolution and display the same? I'd like to trim off about 4px off the left and right side (black strip) and having the display/storage the same resolution makes sense to me, but, might be an advantage of having the storage as 720 wide?

Also, I want to avoid those horizontal lines/streaks... interlacing?

Also having issues figuring out where one episode starts and another ends, not sure if any tricks for that at all.

Just wondered if anyone had a good basic setup for cartoon rips, or, if there is another program with a user friendly GUI I should use instead. Thanks.