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  1. I have a 1080i h264 TS file with 2 channel AC3. When I drag the ts file into TS Muxer it says "some tracks not recognized". It seems it's not accepting the AC3 file. I also can't mux a 1080i h264 file with an AC3 file. Is that normal and why does it not allow that when it allows me to mux a 720 x 480i h264 file with a 2 channel AC3 file?

    Is there any decent alternative program I could use?

    I can convert the AC3 to WAV and then back to AC3 and it works but I'd prefer to be able to mux in the first place without having to re-encode the audio.
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  2. Try a few "workarounds" such as using an older or newer version of tsmuxer (it's been updated a few times recently so it might be a bug).
    Maybe try opening the ts file with MKVMergeGUI. If the file itself is the problem, MKVMergeGUI's ability to remux it as an MKV (or not) might indicate that's the case and it should display a warning or error message. If MKVMergeGUI is successful but you need a ts/m2ts file etc, try opening the MKV with tsmuxer instead.

    Video To Video Converter will remux files. After opening a file, the window for choosing a conversion preset should open. Direct Stream Copy is one of the choices. You can simply remux, or select a different output file type first. It'll remux to and from many different containers.

    That's the sort of thing I'd try. Something should work.
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  3. Thanks I downloaded TS Muxer 2.6.9 and it works. However it says "some tracks not recognized" when trying to demux however it will still demux them correctly. Also it doesn't seem to fill in the folder locations when dragging a file into the program. I tried an older version of tsMuxeR_2.3.2(b) and it had the same issues but without the folder locations problem. I will keep those other programs you mentioned in mind for future use. Thanks
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