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  1. Hello and Merry Christmas to everyone.

    I have Denon DBP 2012, LG BH10LS30 (recorder) and Verbatim discs by Mitshubishi Tagaku Media.

    For almost a year I had been burning BR-DL discs and when tried to watch them on my Denon player,most of them (80%) freezed during playback and always at the end of the movie.For instance,I was watching perfectly Terminator 2 and at 2:20:00 point,the picture freezed and production stopped sometimes or the image was deteriorating and after some seconds became normal.The dissapointment though was huge...Anyway this happened only on BR-DL copy discs.
    All the other discs worked perfect.So among others I tried this:

    While having the movie in HDD,at BDMV form (most times edited by TS Muxer),I didn't burn it straight on disc (as always) but with the help of freeware "Img burn",I converted the BDMV to ISO form and then I burned it as ISO file.
    Specifically..."Create Image file from files/folders" and then "Write Image file to disc"...

    Believe me,since then I never had again freezing problems or expensive discs or time wasted.
    I have burned more than 30 BR-DL discs and they play perfect and even 5 movies that were totally defective on playback,worked absolutely perfect!I have watched them all,in order to see any malfunction...

    Also I never use anymore burning veryfication,that is non-faithful and totally waste of time (about 40 minutes).Discs that failed veryfication play perfect.

    Also during burning I make other things on PC,such as surfing on web and downloading things because finally they do not affect the burning process,eg to cause failure.

    So,people with similar issues,try my advice and you will thank me !

    *Compatibility of Denon 2012UD: the manual says that it doesn't support almost anything and it is a huge misinformation!
    It says that it doesn't support any kind of copy(BR,DVD,CD etc),pirate discs,only region 2 discs and other silly things.
    The truth: It plays E V E R Y T H I N G !
    Any original or copy stuff (BR,DVD,CD,SACD,DVDA) and Region 1 & 2 discs.

    I hope I helped...
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