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    Since a year I work with Studio 16 Ultimate without any problems. I use a i5 Core 8GBRam Windows 7 PC. No problem whatsoever. Now downloaded trials from NewBlueFX total FX ( video essentials 1-7 and transitions/filters) Installed well, however they did not auto find their way to Program Files (86) Pinnacle- Studio16-Plugins.Manually placing under Program Files (86) Pinnacle- Studio16-Plugins Rtfx or RtfxV2 , whether in NewBlueFX folder or not, also gave no result.

    PS16 crashed, with PaintArt and Video essentials as from volume II. Without installing those, Some filters and video essentials 1 where in the library, however were not active.

    Do I need a graphics card to have them working?
    Do I need a graphics card anyway for my editing ( although it worked fine so far)
    Or is there another explanation for the above problem?

    Anyone help please?
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    You're probably right. They say this in their product specifications:

    *Radeon HD 2400, GeForce 8600, GeForce 120 or Quadro FX 4500 or better. Intel HD Graphics not supported
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