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    I am currently producing a DVD of our Wedding from a VHS tape using a Canopus ADVC100 for capture and then TMPGEnc Plus to convert to MPEG2 for use in TMPGEnc authouring works to create the DVD and pretty menus etc etc. HOWEVER there is a background buzzing throughout the whole video (from source), which stands out, especially during the speeches etc etc.....
    Is there any (EASY) way to either reduce or even filter out this noise from the film either by means of a filter imported into the conversion or one that can be applied to the raw capture.
    I have tried to use the noise filtering component on the Authouring Works program but it seems to turn the audio into a metallic screech for the want of a better word, so I think that feature must only work when Authouring Works is used for the conversion AND the DVD production.

    Can anyone help me out or as it is on the SOURCE VHS tape, it is something we weill have to live with
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  2. Most advanced audio editors have noise filters that you can "train" on an otherwise silent sample, then use that training to reduce the noise in the rest of the audio. Audacity (free), for example.
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