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    Hi all, been using multiAVCHD for the past 2 years now, all was fine since the first and only installation until a few days ago when the program began to act strangely. Previews of source files in both the properties and transcode windows are not shown anymore, every time I try to access properties or transcode a source file, a message appears with "AVSInfo.exe has stopped working" with faulting modules being ntdll.dll(most of the time and current), AVIFIL32.dll and apphelp.dll. Preview generation is also impossible at the moment. I did a repair install of Win7 to fix corrupted system files and clean installed multiAVCHD and its related components the same way I did 2 years ago. Prior to reinstall, there would be a message at startup of multiAVCHD saying that AVSInfo stopped working with the same modules but that stopped after the reinstall.

    I've used multiTEST.exe to diagnose the DirectShow decoders and was returned with the following log:

    * Checking AviSynth presence...
    * [OK] AVISYNTH (encoded 7783 bytes)

    * Checking AVC/H.264 decoding...
    ! [ERR] AVC/H.264 FAILURE

    * Checking MPEG-2 decoding...

    * Checking VC-1 decoding...
    ! [ERR] VC-1 FAILURE

    * All tests completed!
    * 2 tests failed!

    When multiTEST checked the AVC/H.264, MPEG-2 and VC-1 decoding, there were messages of x264.exe stopped working with faulting module currently being ntdll.dll. I know ntdll.dll is a crucial Windows component and if this module was damaged then there's a chance where windows won't boot or will BSOD.

    Please help elaborate this, it was functioning well before and the tools that it provides are sufficient for me to quickly transcode media to appropriate mediums. Currently using Sony Vegas for cropping and transcoding. Thanks in advance.
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    This is why I make restore images and use them to restore instead of dealing with these dumb problems. Something you installed or used recently likely corrupted your Windows OS. Virus/malware maybe?
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    I didn't install anything recently and I've checked for viruses/malware but haven't found any. Initially thought that some critical Windows update screwed up my system so I tried System Restore but that didn't work.

    Fixed the multiTEST decoding partially with H264/AVC and VC-1 decoding working fine along with Avisynth, just MPEG2 still having problems although multiAVCHD can virtually transcode any supported file now. I used the Win7 Preferred DirectShow Filter Tweaker Tool to disable microsoft's decoders for H264/VC1/MPEG. Any pointers for the MPEG2 failure?
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