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  1. Hi there, wondering if someone can help me out with a question I have

    I'm trying to set some things up so that I can capture and stream game footage from, among other things, a Playstation 4 and an Xbox One. I have a Blackmagic Intensity Pro installed in my computer, which gets shut down by the HDCP in these systems, so I'm looking for a way to bypass it.

    Doing some research, the recommended method seems to be to use a HDMI to DVI cable to hook the consoles into a DVI to HDMI converter such as this one:

    and then connect the output from the converter into the capture card.

    My only problem is, sixty bucks is just a little bit pricey, and if it can be avoided, I'd really like to keep from adding yet another wire-covered box to my set-up. I'm wondering if there isn't a cheaper option available to me.

    The BlackMagic Intensity has two inputs, one HDMI and one RCA, and the card comes with a component breakout cable that connects to the RCA port. My understanding of how HDCP works is that it only works if the signal is being transmitted over HDMI, which is why the DVI-to-HDMI conversion works in the first place; the HDCP is lost during the transition to DVI and can't be recovered when you switch back to HDMI.

    What I'm wondering then, is if I can just skip the step of converting back to HDMI. What if I just use a cable that converts HDMI to component, like this one?

    Then I could just plug it into the component breakout cable and everything should work, right? It could only transmit in 720p, but since most video games only output in that resolution anyway that's not really an issue.

    I guess what I'm asking is this: the recommended method for bypassing HDCP is to convert the HDMI into some other format, then convert it back to HDMI. The conversion back to HDMI seems like the expensive part of this process. Can I just cut it out, or is the double conversion an important part of the process of bypassing HDCP?

    EDIT: Ah shoot, I didn't scroll down far enough to see the Capture subforum. This probably should've gone in there.
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  2. For $25 you can get an HDCP stripper:

    It's not advertized as such as that would be illegal. With that you can record any HDMI source. A big thread about such devices (including the one above):
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  3. Just to be clear, that "HDMI to 5 RCA" cable you linked doesn't actually convert anything. It's completely useless; take a look at the user reviews if you need any confirmation. Even most of the 5-star reviews admit the cables didn't work for them, they just accept the blame for being deceived (because the cable could possibly be used if a mythical device existed that utilized the HDMI port for analog signals with a matching pinout).
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