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  1. Hello,

    I'm have 2 problems with a video file (mp4: H264 video + AAC audio).
    1. The audio is out of sync,
    2. I want to add soft subs from a srt file

    I'm able to resolve the audio sync problem using AVIDEMUX (2.6) using the audio shift option.

    On the other hand, I'm also able to add the soft-subs from the srt file using YAMB.

    The problem is when i try to do both on the same file: first I sync the audio with avidemux, but when I add the srt file with yamb the resulting output file have again the audio out of sync as the original one. On the other hand, if I first add the subs with yamb, when I sync the audio with avidemux, the resulting output file have not embedded subs.

    How can I resolve this?

    Thank you very much
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    You should be able to add the audio shift with mp4box. But I'm not sure if yamb(it is a mp4box gui) supports it.

    You can try mymp4boxgui. I know it has an audio delay option and it can mux the subtitle also.
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  3. Aside from YAMB rarely doing what you tell it to, MP4's are a pain to work with.
    Assuming MKV is also an option, you can open the MP4 with MKVMergeGUI, add the subtitles, apply the appropriate audio delay, then remux everything into an MKV container (no re-encoding involved). It's also a fair bit faster than re-muxing MP4s.
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