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  1. I want to upload a series of videos on YouTube with a single still picture and a song playing. I have to upload 112 of these videos, so I would like something that doesn't take 500 minutes to upload to YouTube.
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  2. Testing MainConcept avc export , 1pass VBR in Vegas (Variable bitrate) for fullHD picture, setting 768,000 video bitrate was ok.
    Testing 384,000 gave me some slight disturbing effect at the beginning but then it was ok. So you choose something between.
    To do it 2pass is kind of overkill for these kind of videos.
    Tried 1pass CBR and it is complete waste of bitrate and not even looking good using 1,000,000 bitrate.

    I do not have latest versions of Vegas in PC at the moment, but look for keyframe settings, but I think it is not there for MainConcept avc and Sony AVC. So if that's correct, after reading text below, you know it would be a nuisance a bit.

    Let me just elaborate on this a bit, it is a nice question .

    That is what CRF encoding is good for, but unfortunately Vegas can export VBR or CBR only (mp4). No bitrate guessing about bitrate is involved using CRF. It sets lowest bitrate possible that meets your expectation for desired quality. I encode CRF from Vegas using DebugMode Frame Serer.
    The thing is keyframe for picture only could be longest possible, not sure what is the limit for H.264 (maybe infinite is by specs) and what is the limit for YouTube (if there is a such a thing). Usually the keyframe is set to 250 or so, so data for that picture needs to be included at that keyframe, you want keyframes as far as possible from each other, because video is not changing. The further keyframe is for static picture, you save more bitrate.

    Using x264 encoder and 1 pass CRF mode, outside of Vegas using DMFS, I used this line, bitrate will be set literally close to audio bitrate only, and it looks ok (because of CRF 18 setting):

    x264 --crf=18 --keyint infinite --output out.264 input.avs

    Of course trying to play that back on your computer and trying to seek in video would not work because keyframes are missing there. But if Youtube accepts that infinite keyframe, this would be ideal and their encoder would create new keyframes for sure so seeking would work , of course.

    Also, I saw some Avisynth script that did this creating video using just picture, so it is possible to automatize it for hundreds of videos.
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  3. Same image and audio only:

    Actually whatever I set , 1pass VBR max 768,000, min 384,000, or 2 par VBR max 384,000 encoder always ended up using total bitrate around 1,600kbps with 224kbps audio in it.
    x264 used less than 100 kbps for video so totals were 330 kbps for whole video, using infinite for keyframe, quite a difference for uploads, 1Mbit difference.

    YouTube accepts those videos with infinite keyframe. I tried that. But it sets 360p even if video is fullHD, which is not a problem for static picture.

    So using x264 you can create mp4 bitrate that is very close to your chosen audio bitrate. You can try to install DebugMode frame Server and Avisynth 2.5.8, 32 bit and I can provide custom one click encoder if you are interested that would create that video for YouTube upload. So you can generate that video straight from your Vegas' timeline.
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  4. abby
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    I was going to say .avi how weird, my Sony Vegas accepts .avi files, perhaps if you don't have a program to play your .avi files then it can't import them into Sony Vegas.
    Otherwise I think MP4 are really good files as welll... mpeg I don't think they're so great of WMV so yeah I think MP4 is a good format.
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