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    What we do know about the Maxwell family of chips so far from the official sources is that they will integrate general-purpose Denver ARMv8-compatible cores in addition to graphics stream processors and that they will be able to support unified virtual memory technology with microprocessors from Intel or AMD, a rather big deal for many applications.
    this is very interesting, rumors have been flying around for years that nvidia wanted to bring a general purpose processor to the market, a competitor to x86 chips.

    from what i understand ARM's are very easy to write code for, kind of like the old RISC cpu's apple used to use (RISC's are easier to code for than CISC's), so the potential for this type of card is very high.

    of course programmers have to be willing to write code for this or else it will go nowhere fast, but with the steps nvidia has taken to simplify CUDA programming maybe they'll release an SDK/compiler that makes it very easy to leverage all that processing power.
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