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  1. I recently got a Hauppauge 1212 pvr. My goal is to trim and convert the .ts files produced by the device into smaller dvd quality m4v files to use with Plex media server on a Roku 2 LT.

    I have successfully trimmed the files with Avidemux, converted them to DVD compatible mpeg2 with WinFF, and created DVDs with DVDAuthorGUI. These have very good quality, but my problem is with converting either the raw files, or the DVD mpeg 2 files to m4V with either ffmpeg or handbrake.

    When I convert to either 480p or 720p from either raw files or MPEG, I resize, deinterlace, and set cbr to 29.97 fps with ac3 pass through at q=17. These are the same settings that I have used before with good quality encodes, but for some reason, when I encode these files they are of significantly lower quality than the DVD mpeg2 files.

    Does anyone have advice on how to successfully convert to what I want to do?
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  2. You can use the DVD files themselves through Plex to a Roku. I took my DVD and ran it through MakeMKV to make something playable on my TV through Plex and the Roku 3 box I have. There's no reencoding done. MakeMKV only changes the container.
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