How to transform a tripod into a shoulder rig, and a Flycam / Steadicam. The idea behind doing something like this is so you won't have to buy an extra rig for the specific purposes of stabilizing your camera. All the equipment used to make these stabilizers can be used for many different purposes on a video production, as opposed to spending hundreds of dollars on a rig that will serve only one purpose.

Equipment used in video:
Opteka X-Grip MK III - $60 (Cheaper plastic video handles can be used here for $15 - $20)
Adorama L-Bracket - $8
VideoSecu 1/4" x 20 Security Camera Mount - $6
1/4" Mount Adapter - $5
Velbon ULTRA LUXI M Tripod - $150
(note: any cheap tripod could be used for this, you may have to loosen a screw or two to extend your tripod leg 90 degrees as shown in the demonstrations)