Very annoying problem as I use huffyuv alot. When I now try to import a huffyuv avi vegas says "an error occurred opening the media file"
I just installed a fresh copy of the new Vegas movie studio 12 and had the same error again. I reinstalled huffyuv.
Huffyuv works fine in virtualdub and in media player.

I know when it happened but don't know how to fix.
ONe day avast antivirus said warning huffyuv.dll is suspicious so it would run in sandbox. ONce this was finished It deleted huffyuv.dll as false positive. I then added huffyuv.dll as exception and reinstalled huffyuv which now works again in media player and virtualdub just fine.

BUt now vegas does this and I am pulling out my hair trying to fix it.

Very much google searching and searching the forums here bring up nothing on this issue.