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    I want to convert a old video mpg to mp4.
    However the whole video has a default vertical and horizontal lines. See attached examples.

    Is it possible to remove them with a plugin for VirtualDub? Or other tool ?

    Name:  Title_2.mpg.Image fixe004.png
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Size:  511.6 KBName:  Title_2.mpg.Image fixe002.png
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Size:  210.6 KBName:  Title_2.mpg.Image fixe001.png
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Size:  189.6 KBName:  Title_2.mpg.Image fixe003.png
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    Thank you for your answers.

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  2. I removed something similar a few years back using avisynth (see: german doom9 forum)....
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    Thank you for your answer, I'll see it all.
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  4. Try DeStripe():

    It does blur the picture a bit. Before/after:

    DeStripe(last, rad=5, thr=100)
    Click image for larger version

Name:	bef.aft.jpg
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    You can go with weaker settings but then you get less effective removal of the stripes. If the lines aren't static you can probably use a mild DeStripe() followed by a temporal noise filter like McTemporalDenoise().

    If you post a video sample some of the usual suspects around here will probably give you some more specific guidance.
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