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    Hello Guys!

    The official webpage of x265 project (Member of Multicoreware INC)

    I talked with the x265 developers (multicoreware) via facebook.

    Here is their facebook page: , where you can ask them about x265.

    My first post:
    Are there any directshow version of x265 encoder? (For V.dub and Premiere) ?
    Do you plan to make a vfw / directshow version of x265?
    It would be very important!
    Thank you!"

    Their answer:
    MulticoreWare Inc:

    Thanks for your query. We got a response from the x265 team..

    ------------ We don't have one, it's not on the roadmap right now. It's very easy. Someone could do this in a few days; it's just a matter of resources and priority."

    My second post:


    Is it allowed to create a vfw / directshow version of your x265 encoder?"

    Their answer:
    MulticoreWare Inc:

    "Yes. x265 has a Open-source GPL license with the entire source code available for anyone to contribute back. Look at this link -

    multicoreware / x265 / wiki / Home — Bitbucket
    bitbucket.orgTo compile x265 you must first install Mercurial (or TortoiseHg on Windows) and CMake 2.8.8 or later. To insure your build of x265 is capable of full performance, install YASM 1.2.0 or greater to compile assembly primitives. Then follow these easy steps "

    So, are there any talented programmer who can do this "very easy" task?


    Thank you for your reply!

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