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  1. Hi all,

    I ripped a video off a tv channels 'catch up' service and it ripped perfectly with a piece of software I have, it's a large file too (over 1gb - it was a long show) but now I cannot get the ripped video to play or convert to anything in any piece of software I have. There may be DRM on it, I am snot sure.

    can anyone give me any advice on how I might be able to remove the restriction on the ripped file and convert it to something watchable?

    Thank you.
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    - What did you use to download this stream ... it ain't ripping in this case IMO.

    - Open the file in mediainfo and post text output here.

    - If it is drm'ed, which is quite possible, that stuff is virtually always proprietary and not open source. Good luck.
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