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    Hey I'm trying to have some blu-rays ripped by makemkv by way of mkvmerge and solveigmm avi + mkv trimmer; however, I need to find a way to black out some scenes while keeping the audio playing (basically cutting out nude scenes).

    Does anyone know how to do this with the software I listed or by any other software that won't convert the video/audio so I don't lose audio/video quality.

    Thanks in advance for your input.
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    Without reconverting it's very complex. You must cut, demux audio, convert a short black segment with exact same video properties, multilplex and join back everything...
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    Thanks, Baldrick!

    What about changing the video via effects? Are there any recommendations on editing software that can alter the saturation, etc. of a point in a file without losing the audio/video quality in the rest of it?
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  4. You can make subtitles where the background color, while usually transparent, is completely opaque and black. Then mux them into the video. That'll avoid having to reencode the video.
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