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    I have 2 video clips that I want to email to a friend as mp4 files (or should I use another format?). The original size is was more than 100 MB. I used the template settings:

    The size of both clips reduced to approximately 70MB each, that is far more than the 5 MB per clip that I want.

    I then changed settings:

    What settings are recommended to reduce the size of each clip to less than 5 MB?

    Another question, since I have previously just used editing programmes with "fixed" conversion settings (mostly Pinnacle and also captured from Pinnacle). To reduce for instance AVI to MPEG 2 for DVD, what are the best settings to use?

    I have a Canon Legria HV40, which is a HDV camera and I capture on 1920x1080, "comp out 1080i", which I presume is 1080 interlaced.
    I have never been completely happy with the image quality of the DVDs and would appreciate comments about these settings as well.

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    File size = bitrate * duration. The only way to get your file down to 5mb is to reduce your bitrate by a factor of 14 (from 1st pic.). It can be done, but you'll end up with mush. Reduce the image size (as you have in pic 2) and use 2 pass encoding to hit your target.

    For HDV to DVD deinterlacing to a single field can often help make it feel sharper. The SD image will never be as clear as the HD.
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