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    I recorded a tv show with my video capture card and i wanna ask how to fix it. It's mis-aligned, as far as the alignment of the screen. It's too far to the left. I need to somehow move the video over to the right a bit to get it aligned as far as viewing on my tv screen. Which software will allow this? Will virtualdub? Please let me know. Thank you!
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  2. Please post a screenshot, or better, a sample video file, for people to have a look.If the off-screen data are not there, then the only thing you can do is to crop out the black edge and resize the video.
    Simple cropping and resize and be done by a great variety of tools.
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  3. Originally Posted by snafubaby View Post
    It's mis-aligned
    By how much? Just about every editor has the ability to crop and add borders or resize. What software you use will depend on the nature of your source and desired output.
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