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  1. Hey guys im relatively new to this exact idea and wondering if im going about it the correct way.

    Basically i want to be able to wirelessly stream Video/Movies around my home as i have 2 tv's.

    I also want to manage my Hard Drive Wirelessly from my laptop to update it when i am adding to my library.

    I would like to keep this as wireless as possible.

    My ideas were the following

    A wireless hard drive, that i can edit over laptops etc - Have the hard drive hard wired to something like apple TV or a ROKU box - have that wired into one TV.

    This cover 1 tv is this would work, but the other tv i am unsure how to get that to connect up. If thats wireless would that be able to connect to the roku/appletv box?

    Help needed


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    Streaming data via wireless can be achieved using multiple pieces of hardware. Personally, I'd look at WD Live TV units as they support multiple file types.

    Editing via wireless isn't going to work, at least not well. For editing, you will want a PC with enough internal storage to accomplish your task. You can then use that same PC to share the data, or move it to network storage.
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