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  1. Hi there, I'm no expert in BD authoring, but I've been reading many helpful threads here.

    I think I may have a unique issue: I have .ts files with 6-ch AC3 audio that have many bad frames causing audio to run out of sync with tsMuxeR (ver. 1.10.6 and thus multiAVCHD) when converting over to .m2ts file type; the origunal .ts files play fine in WMP. I've read that tsMuxeR has trouble with 6-ch audio, but for me, it has created .m2ts files with audio fully in-sync using .ts files that do not have the bad frames. I've been checking the audio by opening the .m2ts file created in the BDMV\Streaming folder in PowerDVD9.

    I've found that tsRemux produces .m2ts files that have audio in-sync (and with chapters!), but it cannot create BDMV for more than one file. When using these in-sync .m2ts files in multiAVCHD, tsMuxeR puts them out of sync again - not as bad, but still at least 15sec ahead (not sure why as the log does not report any bad frames). In multiAVCHD, I've tried selecting the files separately and setting the transcode settings to ''Do Not Transcode'', but it does it anyway.

    I've tried ArcSoft, Cyberlink, and Aleesoft BD authoring software without success; they either create projects that are twice the original files' size and/or have this audio sync issue.

    At this point, I'm just looking for a way to have BD discs with menus (just simple navigation of the files) using my in-sync .m2ts files.

    This has been a 2-yr project on-and-off, and I hope I can find my way over this vacation period. Thanks for any help!
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    BDRebuilder has added the ability to author a simple menu for multiple files.
    You can try it to see if it will work.
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  3. Thanks, Steve. I've tried BDRebuilder and it's not quite what I'm looking for - actually, it's much, much more than what I'm looking for, but still pretty impressive program. Maybe I'm not using it the right way? I ran a few files through it just to see what/how it does, and the .m2ts file generated in the BDMV\Stream folder has the audio out-of-sync. Still, I don't think I'll be uninstalling it just yet.

    Thanks, Baldrick. I'm currently running AVCHDCoder, so I'll let you know how it goes; it's slower than the other programs I've tried.

    Since I know that tsRemux is making good BDMV files/folders (I've burned BD25 from it and it plays perfectly in PowerDVD9 - I tried on my Sony BDP-S560, but I bought laser printer Verbatims and it does not appear to like them), are there programs that can assemble the separate BDMV and Certificate folders into/onto a single BD25/BD50 image? Thanks again for the replies.
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    If you were me, which you aren't...I would try to demux with Avidemux.

    Here's what I am thinking, you don't have a "standard" file in that there is something squirrelly going on with it.
    Maybe it has variable frame/bit rate in video and/or audio.

    So demux it...or at least trim the ends and save to another file.
    Then place the individual files, first choosing video and then audio in tsmuxer.
    Click on the audio file once you get it in tsmuxer and to see if there is an offset.

    I had to do that on some OTA recordings, they are mts and variable stuff going on.
    Tsmuxer by itself doesn't deal well with these for some reason so I trimmed a little off each end in Avidemux
    and if I remember correctly, outputted to ts...then placed the file in tsmuxer to get it to hold sync.
    You can try that before actually doing a demux with avidemux...trim a little off each end ("Save") then place file in tsmuxer
    to see if tsmuxer will hold sync.
    Hopefully you understand to only cut on the "I" frame while in avidemux.

    One thing though, is your ts files mpeg2 or h264?
    That might change how you need to export out of avidemux.

    If you have VideRedo, that might might it easier to trim the ends and do an export.

    So you can play around with that for a while and see if it helps.
    First, try to do the trim both ends and then place in tsmuxer and see if that fixes the problem.
    If that doesn't work, you can trim the ends while exporting the AV streams individually then import them into tsmuxer to see if that helps.

    It could be there is a delay with the audio stream or something funky going on.
    BDRebuilder can author a menu from multiple titles, see:
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  5. Thanks for the info, Steve. I can tell you that there is a delay in the audio stream from the tsMuxeR log - from -2ms to -15ms - and indeed these are OTA recordings off my PVR (hockey/tennis/f1 games/ matches/races I want to archive). I thought I'd save hard drive space and editing time by skipping through the commercials during capture, but what I think I ended-up doing was messing-up the stream.

    I was very surprised that tsRemux created in-sync .m2ts files, but it did, and I would like to try to use them. AVCHDCoder is still running as I type this; my first go 'round was not smooth, but I didn't read the installation manual first. That said, it's a little slow as it's been ~26hrs and there's still 6hrs to go in 64-bit mode for a 3-file 22Gb (input size) project. I don't have time today to follow the additional link you've provided on BDRebuilder. My brief time playing around with it gave me the sense that it has potential, so I hope to have time tomorrow to read it.

    Unfortunately, I haven't done any editing or purposeful de/remuxing of files, so I don't "...understand to only cut on the "I" frame in avidemux." If I have to get into that, then this will probably take another two years!

    So generally, how does one deal with this delay? Does demuxing and remuxing repair the sync? Or is it possible to fix the audio stream once demuxed?

    Thanks again for the help; it's difficult to navigate all the information that's out there on this.
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    OVA stuff tends to go out of sync when trying to use tsmuxer.
    You could click on the audio track while in tsmuxer and see what the offset is and when remuxing using tsmuxer, make sure the offset is the same.
    I don't know for sure if that will be enough however.

    The best tool for dealing with editing commericials is VideRedo.
    Also while you are at it, trim a little off both ends.
    If I remember correctly, you can also change the wrapper you want, in this case m2ts for blu-ray.
    If however your file isn't close enough for bd compliance and playback, you will need to use a converter to re-encode.

    What I found out with my situation that the OVA files I was recording were close enough to compliance for bd playback.
    So I didn't bother to re-encode.
    Having said all that, at this point I will only author to bd disc in special circumstances so just keeping the file on hard drive is good enough for me.
    If I wanted to edit the file(s), I'll use VideoRedo although Avidemux can halfassed do the job.
    For some reason I was having trouble with the file(s) not starting on and ending on "I" frames.

    Anyway, the main idea is to make sure tsmuxer knows how to deal with the file and what I did was either run the file beforehand either
    in Avidemux or VideoRedo.
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