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  1. Hi, Guys. I am looking for a video editing software for highlights of sport events. I am using Freemake Video Converter right now but there the fast forward function (next key frame) isn't so fast as in Virtual Dub. The problem is Virtual Dub can't render in MKV and TS cause i am using mostly HD files. PowerDirector is some kind of solution, but i am mad about how that software works Is there a solution between the converting options and quality of the export file of Freemake Video Converter and the speed ot VirtualDub. Thanks in advance for the help!
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    You can export almost anything using the external encoder feature with vdub with ffmpeg. Search for the guide on the vdub forum
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  3. Video To Video Converter has a file splitter, joiner and commercial remover under the tools menu. It works much like VirtualDub in respect to having a preview and jumping between keyframes, and it'll save the edited files without re-encoding. I haven't used it much myself but it might be worth a look.

    If I'm re-encoding while doing simple editing, I use MeGUI. Once the script has been created for encoding it can be opened using MeGUI's AVS Cutter (under the tools menu) and edited with a preview. No keyframes to worry about. If you want separate encodes from the same video, just make copies of the script and add different start and end points for encoding rather than multiple start and end points to a single script. The AVS Cutter can save a "cuts file" which can be loaded into the audio section in order to re-encode it to match, or there's an Audio Cutter under the Tools menu.
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  4. Try AviUtl, a free GUI NLE. Included plugins can output to MP4 and MKV. No scripting or commandline required.If you are going to try this, please make sure to read the listed two tutorials first.(The video tutorials by x-racer first, then the unofficial guides for more details.)
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