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  1. I run a hookah website ( and have have been working with one of our members to do hookah reviews. He's been making them for about a year now (here is our YouTube channel) and now we hope to learn a little on how we can improve the quality of them. It would be great if we can get some good feedback from the seasoned video makers from here

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    Not too bad -- I like the framing with the thing in the front and you in the back.Just a few quick notes:
    - get a mic closer to you. If all you have is a handheld, get it on a mic stand as close as you can to your head, just out of the top of frame. It'd be better to hear more you and less room.
    - that single light is casting an ugly shadow. get a fill light or at least some diffusion on the single key light.
    - the mixed aspect ratio editing is slightly distracting but not make-or-break given that it's a how-to.
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  4. Thanks guys. I'll get a mic for sure (not using one right now) and I'll see about getting a light.
    Whats a good entry level mic and light fixture?
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