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  1. I have two MOV files that were recorded using an I-Pad in high resolution, and vertical orientation. (I did not film them. The project just ended up in my lap when the other people involved couldn't figure out how to get them off the I-Pad.)

    I need to convert them to some other format where they can easily be played on any computer, or on a TV, and be stored on a flash drive.

    I have tried every method I know of, and the end result is always a good looking video with sound that progressively gets further and further ahead of the video.

    I have even tried extracting the video and audio streams separately and re-combining and re-encoding in Adobe Premiere, but I get the same result. I have been working on this off and on for several months with no luck.

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    Have you just tried remux it to a mp4 with mp4box or a gui for it like mymp4boxgui (add the mov, save as, mux) ?
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    The only time I have been involved with such source is when I created a standard dvd from ipad video.

    Then I simply used avstodvd to do the biz. You may wish to try that but create a mpeg video rather than dvd files.

    I did not have sound sync issues but I suspect the issue is the AAC codec
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    iPad and iPhones shoot variable frame rate video. This is most likely the source of your problem. Try opening the files in Premiere without demuxing. Make an "automatic" sequence matching the source settings.
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  5. Well, tried creating a sequence from the file in Premiere and that works fine in premiere, but once I export to any other file type it again screws up the audio sync.

    Remuxing with mp4box gives me an mp4 with synced audio, but it's still sideways. After importing it into Premiere, applying a rotate, and exporting as an AVI, the audio is again out of sync.

    Any more ideas?
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