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  1. I have a video (with audio) of kids singing. I audio recorded the same song, being sang by 100 people. I want to edit the audio into the video, so I have the kids singing with a nice back up group.

    I open the video in video Studio 11, add the audio. I cant figure out how to sync the audio with the video. The singing of the audio starts way past the start of the singing in the video.

    Specifically, I have the audio below the video audio. I need to slide the start of the audio, to the same place as the video audio, but can't see anyway how to do it.

    Anybody know how to sync an audio to a video audio, so they start at the same time?

    Thank you,
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    No idea about Ulead Video Studio but I use Ulead Mediastudio Pro and regularly do what you are trying to do. I recently recorded a meeting with two camcorders and an audio recorder and synchronised all three together. In fact, I use the audio to synchronise two camcorder tapes. Can you display the audio as a waveform rather than just a track? If you can, you will be able to see peaks in the audio on the two files, the audio on the video and the extra audio only track. If the audio is starting later than that on the video, you will need to trim the beginning off the audio and slide it along the timeline until the peaks on the two tracks align. I find that to get it spot on, I pan one track to fully left channel and the other to fully right. Then if you play it using headphones, you can easily hear which one is in front and adjust it a frame at a time until you can't hear any difference.
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  3. Originally Posted by Richard_G View Post
    ....and slide it along the timeline until the peaks on the two tracks align
    This is my problem, I can't slide it along. When I grab it, it doesn't move. I can see the peaks, where it doesn't match up, but can't move it.
    Thank you for replying,
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    Can you not move it because the track is already bumped up against the left side of the timeline? If so, trim it, or move the other track.
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