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Thread: Popups

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    Lately I have been bombarded with popups,I have the popup blocker set to block most popups, have

    Malaware Pro , that runs in the background,along with AVG internet security. My computer has a 1t HD, 16

    Ram, Intel 7.Win 8.1. I have not relly entered any new programs. Any way to get rid of these annoyances? Also

    almost every time I switch to another program I get a message that I have to install Java, that I have

    had since the day I re-installed. T.I.A.
    James Durkin
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    MalWareBytes, SuperAntiSpyware, SpywareBlaster and CCleaner.
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  3. And MalwareBytes should be run in Safe Mode (not so easy after windows 7):

    Start using Firefox with an ad-blocker of some sort (search the Add-ons) will prevent a lot of crap getting through from infected advertisements on dodgy sites.

    Edit: and NEVER accept free toolbar offers from ANY site, EVER. They are usually just backdoors for dropping
    adware and viruses/trojans into a system.
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    If you haven't already, switch your browser to Firefox, and enable Adblock Plus in add-ons.
    Go to these two sites, download and run; that will get 90-100% of your popup ad annoyances.

    Then run Malwarebytes as recommended above.
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