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  1. There are some interesting streaming videos, for example at:

    I can download them with Orbit. The video will download in about eight 19MB chunks. In the past, I could use Boilsoft Video Joiner 7.02.1 to instantly merge the 19MB chunks. However, something has changed, and now Boilsoft Video Joiner says the chunks can't be joined unless I recode them. Boilsoft allows you to do that, but it takes several hours, when before, I could join the chunks almost instantly. I am wondering why the chunks can't be joined anymore with Boilsoft (without recoding) and is there a software that can join them without recoding. Below I have attached 2 chunks that I am trying to join.
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    Avidemux joins them with no issues.

    Import the first one, use the append function to import the second. Make sure you have the video and audio outputs set to copy, and the output format is set to MP4 muxer. Hit Save, and make a new file name using an .mp4 extension.

    Joining them is very fast.
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  3. Thanks for the useful info. If I have, for example 8 chunks, can I combine them all in one operation?EDIT: appears that you can combine any number of chunks by clicking "append" for each chunk.
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