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    Since last year, Mexico has changed our ability to play our dvds coded Regions 1 and 2. Mexico is now Region 4 and we haven't brought a dvd player from the U.S. Aside from obtaining a dvd player that will play our dvds, I was thinking of using the laptop to play the dvds and somehow connect it to the LG tv.

    There are two female ports/connections I have on a laptop: an HDMI1, and a USB.

    Can either of these be used to route the DVD discs I have--- that are Region 1 and 2---- by a cable, to play thru the HDMI LG TV??
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    Yes you can use hdmi directly to the tv. (just make sure you get the right ends connected, ie whether or not its a mini hdmi on the laptop, check the manual to be sure - also the size should look just like the tv if its standard hdmi and not mini)

    An alternative is to simply rip the discs and burn them as region free. Than you just play them as if they were normal pressed discs.

    Though buy quality blanks like verbatim (not the life series) or taiyo yuden and burn at lower speeds. (with imgburn)

    Or atlernatively to that you could invest in a settop media player like the wdtv and an external harddrive than you can rip your discs to the harddrive and play them through the media player (through the harddrive, the wdtv or similar device hooks up to the tv via hdmi). (edit - then you would not need the laptop to do this after your discs are ripped to the harddrive, verify if the model you get can play iso rips or not, some may depending on the version you get, otherwise they should handle video_ts folders or you could mux the main movie into a mp4 or mkv file that it will read).
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