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    I work as a technical assistant in a high school. I was asked by my boss to hook up a system for which we're able to stream video from our gym to our auditorium for two performances happening in the gym and where the people that won't fit into the gym will go to the auditorium.

    The two locations are about 800 feet apart. We have a wifi network at our school in which we can use. We have a Canon camcorder with both RCA and HDMI outputs. The projector has a RCA input, as well as HDMI. We also have the capability of using a mac in the gym as well as PC or mac in the auditorium.

    Does anyone know of a way, either utilizing the computers, or not to stream this video between these two locations? Any suggestions are appreciated!
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  2. I asked a not so different question a few hours ago.. (

    As far as I can gather, you need an encoder. I've linked a few hardware ones on that post, and there are a few software ones also (ask google). I suppose if your computers have an HDMI in slot, you're good to go. As you can just use VLC to set up a RTMP stream for your other computer to access.

    Cam -> (Encoder -> VLC streaming) Computer -> Router -> router -> Computer (VLC)

    Think that works.. Devil's in the details of course..
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