Apologies for the lame ask, but I'm really stumped -- after searching for days (well a few hours in a day..) I'm beat and just asking for help...

What I want to do: "live stream to the next building"
What works in my head:
Camcorder -> encoder -> (sound in via mixer board) computer(?) -> router (via ethernet) -> (same) router (via wireless)
-> computer (in next building) with VLC -> large TV (ideally around 720p resolution)

In reality: I haven't the first clue.

1. I own a JVC HD Everio GZ-HD500SEK)
2. Own a DELL XPS 15 / another Samsung laptop
3. Just bought a ASUS RT-N16 (planning to run DD-WRT to increase wireless range)
4. Now what?

I read about:

I don't need to broadcast to the internet (but perhaps in the future, it's an option)..

Would the Cerevo Shell work? (Do I need the pro?) If so, do I need a RTMP server?
Wowza or VLC (If I can set the source, I've verified I can stream)

Any thoughts?
I am lost as a goose chasing a butcher. Exactly. It doesn't make sense.
Please help!