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  1. I have a AVermedia Capture HD card -

    It works a treat when I am trying to view my sky box on my PC, however when I try to view my PlayStation through it it just won't work. I get this screen below which keeps ground round and round, I know it's recognised there is a connection there but it can't display it for some reason.

    I've tried a few different cables around the house to see if it makes a difference but I get nothing.

    A few months back I saw this video on youtube so I thought i'd give a shot and buy a splitter to see if I get anywhere but nothing.

    So I'm hoping someone can help me.
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  2. If your goal is really to "view" your PlayStation feed, you may way to give it up and find another way to to connect it to your monitor, because there will be some degree of input lag that will affect your ability to play.

    Your post is vague, which makes it difficult to offer suggestions.
    1. PlayStation = The original console from 1994/95? If so, the problem is likely the AVerMedia card failing to support 240p analog video.
    2. What type of connection are you using with your Sky box, and what type with the video game console? HDMI, component, S-Video, composite...
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    @vaporeon800 - i'm going to give the op the benefit of the doubt and assume it's a ps3 - the ps4 is just too new.

    @kurtangle - Are you outputting 1080p? Are you sure your capture device can handle 1080p?

    I know that the first gen hdpvr by happuage can only handle 1080i max. That might be the case in your setup.

    Also I don't know if the ps3 can be captured via hdmi. I seem to remember that the xbox 360 or the ps3 had problems or a blocked hdmi out for capturing anything. Again that might have been in the early days and I might be remembering some other issue not related to this.

    In any case I have been able to capture hd from my ps3 using a hauppauge hd pvr 1.

    I use a component cable and a fiber optic cable for the audio. Then I set the audio out to fiber optic and set the video out to component and set it to 1080i or 720p depending on my mood. Then I'm able to capture it just fine.

    I would recommend if your capture device can use component that you try this method.

    Fyi even the component cable that was made for the ps2 works on the ps3. That is the model that I had from my ps2 and works just fine on the ps3.

    Hope this helps.

    Edit - fyi disclaimer my ps3 is the fat 40gb model. I think it was the last fat model before the first gen slims came out. It was the model after the 80gbs that were ps2 compatible. The 40gb and later were not ps2 compatible.

    Edit 2- and a splitter might be a problem with this setup. I'd go directly from the console to the capture device. Use your computer as the display. I have my computer connected to an hdtv via hdmi. (and is the splitter powered? If not it's probably not powerful enough to output two video streams)
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