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  1. I bought a "1080P HD USB HDMI SD/MMC Multi TV Media Player RMVB MKV" and it plays good except it will not play .wmv which is from my web cam. Does anyone know how I can play .wmv on my TV?
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    Sounds like a no-name. Did the manual, if there is one, state it can play wmv?

    You can convert to divx or xvid or h264 in mp4/mkv. Use format factory or any other converter to do it.

    Of course you will lose a bit of quality but if you use a high bitrate you will keep it close. Also quality loss is person specific, in other words some will notice its different from the original and others won't notice it as much.

    Either way keep the original video because that is your source.

    Another option might be to remux it.

    I don't know of a tool off hand that will do a straight wmv demux.

    Winff should be a good choice however. Load the wmv and choose mp4 or mkv and it will repack it without reencoding. Avidemux should be an option too.

    There are various other tools available as well. Though you may be limited since it's wmv. Wmv isn't as widely used as h264 and divx and the rest.
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