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  1. Hi, I am using avisynth to stack 3 different videos on one screen. I am using Virtual dub to convert the .avs to avi. While converting i compress the .avs video with mpeg 4 xvid codec. I want to make a .avi video playable in all windows media player with its default codecs (no additional codec should be installed for playing the video). My doubt is whether it is achieved if i compress with xvid codec ?
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    Dude, I had a fully patched and up to date version of WMP on my Win 7 PC refuse to play an unencrypted WMV file that a friend asked me to convert for him, yet VLC played it without any problems. So from my perspective, I think your goal is unachievable because WMP is such a piece of crap that there's no way to ensure it will play ANYTHING. But to provide you some help, Xvid does not come standard with Windows so default installations for sure won't be able to play an AVI made with it.
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    Hi, i didcopy some video recording on a dvd but i am un able to ply them. Does any one know which application in need to install on my lapto?

    Files are:

    11-56-55_CH09.adat --------------0 Kb

    11-56-55_CH09.idat --------------124 Kb

    11-56-55_CH09.vdat --------------16,660 Kb

    All other recordings have the same file extension.

    If some knows how to open and view these files i will be very happy.

    Cheers Javon
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  4. Thank you jman98. In my case, I am bound to use WMP alone Anyway I played the video in more than 3 pc with xvid codec not installed. and WMP played it fine. Since WMP supports Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec v2, i hope it will also support mpeg 4 xvid codec.
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