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  1. I have a 4.36GB image file (img) of a DVD video on my computer. I want to burn the img file (using Imgburn) to a DVD so that it will play in any standalone DVD player. In other words, I want the img file to be burned to DVD compatible files. I think the img file is good because I played the img file directly with vlc, and the file played perfectly, menus and all. I tried using Daemon Tools v4.1 and mounting the image and then playing with Media Player Classic, but it just shows the Video Manager Menu of the DVD (stuck on this) and I cannot play the DVD unless I use the Navigate> Jump to> Title 4. ( see screenshot). Then it will play the entire DVD. I know if I burn the DVD like this (stuck on menu and requiring using the Navigate on MPC), it probably won't play in a standalone DVD player. So my question is: how can I burn this image file to DVD compatible files? I don't mind if there is no menu in the burned DVD. I just want to play the disk in any DVD player.
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  2. Problem solved. I used DVDFab Platinum (main movie) on the mounted image and now the DVD files play perfectly with Media Player Classic.
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    And it may have worked anyway. A possible WMP glitch isn't an indication the menu structure was bad.
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