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  1. I want to learn to translate menu.
    Can anyone help me?




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    If the menus are animated in some way it is quite elaborate to do.

    You would need to:

    - demux (de-multiplex) the original menus
    - edit them
    - author a "dummy" DVD with the edited menus
    - use the dummy DVD to replace the menus of the original DVD (using VobBlanker for example)
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  3. I demuxar with PGCdemux.

    Which program I use to edit it?

    The DVDRemakePRO serves to replace the menus?

    Know any good tutorial?
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  4. Originally Posted by charlesn73z View Post
    Know any good tutorial?
    Maybe. This whole process will be much much easier if you're willing to make a static menu out of your animated one. Otherwise you have to reencode the video, replacing the original video with another one with edited text.

    My guide for this will acquaint you with what has to be done:
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  5. Manono, is the first step, am I right?

    password: zod

    How do I edit the image in Photoshop?

    I need to change only the text for my language.
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  6. I won't get the download and I don't use Photoshop. You still the menu and then you make a BMP of the stilled menu and then you replace the text with your own, keeping the text in the same place so the original buttons can be used. Most decent photo editors can do this.
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