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  1. What kind of capture/recorder do people use to capture into mkv with 5.1 sound?
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  2. I've never heard of someone capturing directly into an MKV container.

    What is your source and what video compression format do you want to end up with? Cable HDTV to H.264?
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  3. That is what I'm asking. How do people record HDTV programs in an .mkv format with 5.1 sound? What kind of device to capture it? Do they make a DVD recorder or a TIVO type recorder that does it? Example: someone recorded the Victoria's Secret Fashion show last night and it is in .mkv format, 720Hd, and 5.1 sound. How would they have done that?
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    They are probably recording digital TV streams directly using a computer tv tuner with hdtv/dvb/atsc support. And then converting or remuxing the ts stream to mkv.
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  5. Ok...Makes sense. The computer TV cards must have drastically improved since my all in wonder card. I suppose the cards are digital now and better quality than before.
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