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    Hey All,

    I have a client who is looking to have the title sequences for the people in their video to stay with the individuals when the camera moves. Other than keyframing, there has to be a faster workflow for this. Would anyone have any idea what would be the best way to get this effect? You can see the example at around :18 in the video at the link below. Thanks!
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    That's not a particularly good example, but the general concept is called "match moving" or "camera tracking" . Basically it involves analyzing camera movement , objects and reconstructs a 3d scene where everyhting has coordinates in 3d space (x,y,z) (as opposed to simple 2d motion tracking) . Typical software used might be after effects, nukex, mocha, syntheyes, bijou. I think blender (free) has one now too
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  3. There are two scenarios for this:1> The source video is larger than the product video, and the people "moved" just by camera panning/tracking (probably just the case for the sample video.)
    2> The source video has the same resolution as the product video. People are already moving around in the source video.

    1 is easier to do as it is the only virtual camera(s) moving, while the coordinate for the video and the text are staying still.
    2 will require animating text (semi-auto tween/keyframe animation) and that can be a PIA for multiple people appearing in the scene.

    In any case, a sophisticated NLE will be required.(If it is case 2, then Adobe Flash can also achieve)
    The paid one is AfterEffect of course, but there's also a free one, AviUtl.
    Yet, no matter which one do you use, the actual operation will be quite complicated.
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    The only difficult thing I saw on that video was the actual shot taken. Obviously a track dolly was used. The editing part is relatively easy if you overlay a transparent grid to keep everything lined up, you can do it with free tools like AviUtl.

    All you need is a little patience and keyframe strokes..............
    Never argue with meaningless people over meaningless topics..............
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  5. If you require text to follow an individual, this is called motion tracking. Its very easy to do. Can be achieved with After Effects or Corel VidioStudio x6.

    Corel tut

    After Effects tut

    Not trying to spam my channel, just happened to have these tuts, if it helps great.
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