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  1. This is kitty from DVDFab ( Our Official partner has recently released the World’s First Complete Blu-ray Navigation Box for Android -- Android Blu-ray Box. Since is our long time partner, we are honored to invite VideoHelp Members to write evaluation posts/articles for this box.

    We’re happy that VideoHelp has so many members who know very well about software & hardware knowledge, and we now need 10 of you to experience the box in person. For those 10 volunteer users, we offer a deep discounted deal – only $150 to get this quad-core box whose original price is $299 and official discounted price is $239. In addition, from those 10 users (buying the box and writing evaluation posts/articles for it) we’ll pick out 5 to give them a full refund, i.e. we’ll give away 5 boxes for free. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

    Name: Android Blu-ray Box.png
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Size:  96.1 KB

    Participation Methods and Rules:

    1) For those who want to participate or have any questions about this, please send email to me at , or leave your comment below this post directly, or you can also send PM to me. I will respond to your email/comment/message as soon as possible.

    2) For those 10 participants, after purchasing the box, you just need to leave your comments on your experience about the product on VideoHelp forum.

    3) We’ll pick out 5 from all the 10 participants to give them full refund, according to the content of their comments/posts.

    4) About the deadline of evaluation posts/articles submission and the time for winner list release.

    The participants need to leave their evaluation posts/articles within 30 days starting at the delivery date. And the winner list will be released within 15 days starting from the day after the deadline, that is, within 45 days starting at the delivery date.

    Brief Intro of the Box:

    1) Quad-Core 1.3GHz CPU, 2GB DDR3, Eight-Core GPU, 8GB Storage
    This box is driven by a quad-core CPU, eight-core GPU, 2GB DDR3, etc. So whether you're viewing video, playing games, or browsing online, all the things you do are fast and smooth.

    2) Enjoy the Stable and Colorful Android World
    The box runs the Android 4.2 environment. It's stable, and Google Play offers a large variety of free apps for you to choose.

    3) XBMC Support, Smart Management
    The built-in TV is an XBMC-based Media Center that allows you to smartly view and manage your multimedia, and access XBMC-based add-ons. In addition, it supports protocols for UPnP Devices, Windows Network (Smb), Zeroconf, SAP Streams, ReplayTV Devices, Network Filesystem, and HDHomerun Devices.

    4) Universal Blu-ray Box Plays Everything
    The box plays Blu-ray and DVD content as ISO files and movie folders, and also plays nearly all standard format videos. BDMV and external subtitles like .srt are also supported.

    5) 4K HD Video Support, Paves the Road for the Future
    The box perfectly supports up to 4k HD video. You can get the latest and best video effects, without needing to upgrade later.

    6) World's First Android Box with Blu-ray Menu Navigation TV Pro is the only box in the world that provides users a complete Blu-ray menu navigation experience on Android.

    7) Lossless HDMI 1080P 24Hz Output
    This feature of the box lives up to its name, giving you a real lossless 1080P 24Hz output, the most you can expect from HDMI output.

    8) SPDIF/HDMI Passthrough
    The box supports AC3/DTS 5.1 SPDIF passthrough and TrueHD/DTS-HD HDMI passthrough. You can rely on it for any audio effect you desire.
    9) Plays 3D Movies in 2D Mode
    The box can currently play 3D movies with 2D effects if the 3D movies supports 2D playback , and in the near future, it will completely support 3D movies.

    10) Multiple Displays, Share Your Joy
    You can mirror the pictures or videos from your Android Pad/Phone onto a large TV screen to view with your family or friends.

    11) Super Game Center, Enjoy Yourself
    You can play somatic games and 2D/3D games with it. Go download your favorite games and have fun.

    More Detailed information here:

    Thanks for your attention! Looking forward to your email or comments!
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    I am willing to purchase and write a full review with screen shots and detailed setup. I have been looking for something like this to use with my NAS setup. I have about 3000 DVDs and Blu-rays. I also have a 55" 3D TV and a ton of 3D movies. I will update my review for the 3D when that becomes available. I will send you a PM as well. Thanks.
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  3. Member
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    Location: USA
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    Willing to give this a try and write an evaluation if the offer is still available.
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  4. Member
    Join Date: Jan 2014
    Location: United States
    Search PM
    I'm more than willing to do this and write an evaluation if the offer is still available as well.
    I have several different formats of video and audio to try out on this. It looks incredible.
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  5. Member woofie2's Avatar
    Join Date: Feb 2014
    Location: Southern Illinois
    Search Comp PM
    i am interested and willing if the deal still exists.

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  6. Member n8tvm's Avatar
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    i am interested and willing if the deal still exists.

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    Will there be a top box support HEVC? First released hardware HEVC it was MTK Corporation
    - you can put a decoder and teach you to play streaming TV / Video in p2p networks (This will allow abandon cable TV operator) and start playing - free of charge - transfer from the Internet (group system / method torrent)
    in America all are corrupt, and live off the court - up to court
    so you should be aiming to loose country

    We are waiting for such devices from China
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  8. Member
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    Should make friends with these guys and shove their development in your box
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