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  1. I have created a number of MP4 files via handbrake from my blu ray movies. Handbrake does not handle TrueHD audio. I can extract the TrueHD from the original MKV file using MKVExtract. What tool would i use to mux the handbraked MP4 file with the TrueHD file? Is this possible?

    Ultimately I would like to stream the MP4 file from my windows 7 PC to a Mede8er MED600X3D. My other HD MP4s have the DTS-HD passthrough track in them via handbrake. I am not even sure if the TrueHD file will be playable...

    Any assistance would be of great help. Thanks.
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    Not possible, AFAIK.

    Even L-Smash muxer and remuxer don't support TrueHD (not even MLP).

    Also, you would need a duly-updated MP4 demultiplexer.
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  3. Looks like the TrueHD or Dolby MLP is listed on the page as not being operable.

    What are some other options for keeping the TrueHD track? Is using MKV the easiest option?
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    MKV will support it. However I do have to warn you about something. MKV basically supports every possible video and audio codec there is. I have a copy of an old 50s movie in anaglyph 3D in AVI format but the audio is not original (it's a foreign language in MP3 format). I found a copy of the original audio in AC3 format. There was a synch issue with the original audio, so I played around with the MKV mux settings and I got right. I created an MKV that had the Divx video, the foreign language MP3 audio, and the original AC3 audio. NONE of my playback devices can play this file correctly. Some won't play it at all. Others will only play the video. So my point is that while you can indeed make an MKV file with Dolby TrueHD, if your playback devices don't support TrueHD audio in MKV containers, it won't work. You'll just have to test and see what happens.

    MP4 containers have lots of limitations. In my opinion MP4 should be used instead of MKV only if your playback device requires MP4.
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  5. Problem with mkvtoolnix is that it dumps the ac3 core and only retains the trueHD part.
    iirc. remuxing with ffmpeg should allow to keep both (the trueHD and the ac3 code inside two different audio streams)
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  6. This is the process I have tried:
    1. MakeMKV (BluRay to MKV)
    2. MKVExtractor (Extract TrueHD Track from MKV)
    3. Handbrake (MKV reencoded to smaller file size MKV, keep AC3 5.1 and encode a 2.0 AAC track)
    4. Mkvtoolnix/MKVMerge to mux the TrueHD and MKV from Handbrake
    In the end i have a MKV with 3 audio tracks, one of which is TrueHD. This seems like it will work, but I don't have the streamer yet to test the TrueHD Track. That may be a few months out.. I emailed Mede8er to confirm that it can read a TrueHD track in a MKV container. No response yet.

    The Roku 3 via Plex does direct play the MKV (video and audio) as along as I select the AC3 5.1 audio.

    Does the above process sound like the correct way to do this? Has anyone tried to see if a file created this way will play the TrueHD audio track and the video?

    Thanks for the feedback so far.
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