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    I've been noticing a strange problem with my bluray player and home entertainment setup. I have a Samsung HDTV, Sony bluray player, and a Yamaha receiver. The bluray outputs to receiver via HDMI. And the receiver outputs to the HDTV via HDMI.

    When I first bought these 3 devices, the first few weeks would have no problems. After that when I play a bluray or DVD, the audio would play through the TV speakers instead of the 5.1 surround speakers. Even though the receiver is on and set to the current channel, it even says the disc is playing Dolby TruHD. I have to turn off and turn back on the receiver before it switches the audio to output through the surround speakers.

    Anyone know why this is? I think my TV does not support ARC; it doesn't mark any inputs as ARC and doesn't mention it at all in the manual. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Samsung HDTVs are rather notorious for HDMI synchronization issues. It sounds to me like you have one too. It's been a while since I had a Samsung HDTV so I don't remember exactly, but there is some kind of order in which you have to do things to make the stupid TV pick up the HDMI synch correctly and not drop the audio. Try making sure that the components are all on first before you power on the TV. If that doesn't solve it, then try having the TV on before you turn on the components. I ran into your issue a few times with my Samsung HDTV but again, I don't own it anymore so I'm having to work from memory on the exact order you have to power things on to get this fixed.
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