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  1. HI, i have a panasonic fz150 camera and it has a mic input and i usually feed line out from the mixer to the mic input of the fz150. I am really not a sound guy and have no experience with mixers.

    At times the signal is too hot for the camera, at times it is just fine.

    I know mic level input needs a very low level signal typically around -10db if i am not wrong.

    I would like to know generally which all ports are available on mixers that i can use for line out and feed sound to my camera without any distortion. ???

    Rca tape outs and phones jack are usually occupied for other uses and at times i was left without any option and had to record from the cameras inbuilt i need to know all the options that i have so that even if rca or phones out ports are occupied , i can still get sound out from the mixer.

    Once a dj guy told me he gave me output from group mix - i had no clue what that was and he asked me for a 1/4inch jack(the one used for phones out on mixer) which i luckily had at that time

    I usually use a 10 meter aux (3.5mm to 3.5mm cable) and have all kinds of connectors with me from 1/4 jack to rca convertors. Can buy xlr convertors also if needed.

    here is the specs of one of the mixers i have come across

    Thank you all replies will be greatly appreciated.!
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    That's the thing about mixers -- they're not designed to output a mic-level signal. Technically speaking, I can't think of any output on a typical mixer that would be appropriate for going untreated into a microphone input. You might have better results recording the mixer output to another device -- think a flash-card recorder -- and synchronizing with video in post.
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    If you use an attenuator you can feed a line-level mixer output into your mic-level camcorder input. Radio Shack has/had a 6-10 foot mono attenuator cable that I've used with no problems.

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