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  1. I am currently ripping all my DVDs to my PC to stream to my TV via PS3

    PS3 prefers MP4 i think - but I have loads of disc space so I want to rip them to decent quality

    Here's my settings what do you think:

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    is 1024 Video Bitrate enough?
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  2. Depends on the source content, the relationship between the size of your screen to how closely you sit, and how picky you are. It won't be transparent to the source if you really look closely.

    You're better off doing CRF than specifying bitrate anyhow.

    You should change the Sample Rate to 48000 for sure though.
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  3. I changed the video rate to 2000, audio to 192 and sample to 48000 - Ill just see what that looks like on my TV
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    Do 2-pass as well
    Is he gone?
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  5. Do what Vaporeon800 recommended -- use CRF mode. Each video will get just the right bitrate to deliver the quality you specify. Try CRF=18. If that's too high quality use a larger CRF value. If it's too low quality use a lower CRF value. Once you've decided what CRF value delivers the quality you want you can use that for all future encodings. Look for posterization artifacts in dark grainy areas. That's where x264's weaknesses first show up.
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    But it doesn't look like that converter supports any CRF/Constant quality mode. Then switch to handbrake or vidcoder and under the video tab change to constant quality with around 18-20.
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