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Thread: USB-Cinavia

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    I put a Cinavia infected movie on a USB stick and it played without triggering Cinavia. When I put the same file on a DVDR it triggered Cinavia at 20 min, into playback. Are USB ports immmune to Canavia? Player was an LG BP125.
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    Where have you been? We've talked about this almost endlessly.

    Yes, it is well known that many devices do not check files via USB for Cinavia. It's not that USB is magical, it's that Cinavia is tied to physical media (DVD and BD discs) so rips to MKV or ISO that are played via USB usually don't have the playing device check for Cinavia. However, there is nothing to prevent future DVD and BD players from checking files played via USB to see if they have Cinavia. It just hasn't happened yet, but it could in theory. Expect Sony to be the first to implement this if it does happen.

    Streaming media players like Western Digital that are not DVD and BD certified do not have to implement Cinavia checking so rips should always play fine on those devices.
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